Performance assessment and evaluation are essential businesses practices.  Countless text books, research articles, websites, professional trainings, and other resources are available to teach performance assessment. There are numerous performance assessment techniques, standards, and applications, and a broad range of research activities.

This training module presents an introduction to just one performance assessment technique, benchmarking, and more specifically, financial benchmarking. The goal of this presentation is to familiarize small system managers with benchmarking so that they can begin to develop basic performance assessments at their systems and learn how to access other performance assessment resources.

This training module describes basic benchmarking concepts and terminology, and presents a hypothetical case study to explain how benchmarking might be used to assess the financial status of a small community water system. Links to a variety of resources are provided at the end of the presentation that will direct interested readers to other benchmarking information, tools, and data that can be used to support performance improvement activities in their communities.